Chaplin Doug McCallum

“My actions, words, and deeds for today should be the same as if I (we) were standing in Heaven.”
– Chaplan Douglas McCallum
The First Easter
The angels looked unto the Father
The day that Jesus died.
They all looked to the throne
And they all wondered why…
The God of the universe,
The God of all that was made,
Spoke not a word to Jesus
Upon the cross that day.
Why didn’t God answer
“Take this cup from me”,
For Jesus’ heart was broken
Upon the cross of Calvary.
The angels must have bowed their heads
And fallen on their knees,
When God didn’t answer
For all of heaven to see.
And as they laid Him in the tomb,
The angels could not believe
How the son of man’s death
Was good for you and me.
But death and sin was conquered
Upon that first Easter day
For Jesus was victorious
As the stone was rolled away.
And the angels shouted “Glory…
Praise Unto the Throne”
For Jesus, God’s own Son,
Was now coming home!


Day by Day
Touch my heart dear Saviour
This I humbly plead.
Change my heart daily
And keep my eyes on Thee.
Heartaches of tomorrow and
Worries of today
Be brought before your holy throne
As I kneel and pray
You know all that I do, Lord,
And all that I think or say
So let me bless you, Jesus,
Day by day by day.